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    Ryan Gosling is a favorite of EVERYONE

    Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 65 Pics

    HAHAHAHA! Ryan Gosling talking about buying all the girl scout cookies

    Hey girl, I'm thinking mason jars with wildflowers. And twins. - Ryan Gosling // Oh Ryan. You're so down to Earth!

    Ryan Gosling. if i wasnt in a commmited and loving relationship i might jump him ♥

    Hey girl, How 'bout you go and have a sewing day with your friends - and I'll cook dinner and have it ready for you when you come home. And then let's cuddle for dessert.

    It can't be too much to ask if the most perfect man in the world is willing to contribute to creating euphoric experiences in my life.

    Hey girl, Of course I don't mind folding and organizing all of your fabric. And when I'm done - let's go shopping for more.

    "I bet Ryan Gosling doesn't even blow his candles out. He probably just winks at them and they faint."

    I cannot wait to be a Golden Girl some day...though my husband will also have to deal with me.

    Hey Girl, I checked out your Pinterest Boards. You're so amazing.