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Jeff Novick on how to know if something is healthy or not.

Jeff Novick talks about the study done showing how olive oil restricts the flow of blood in our arteries up to 6 hours.

OIL TO NUTS, THE TRUTH ABOUT FATS. It seems that every other day some new study comes out with conflicting information about fats, oils, nuts and seeds. Are you "going nuts" trying to sort the truth from the propaganda? Are all fats created equal? Is olive oil a health food? Is the Mediterranean Diet the healthiest diet? What about the French Paradox? Are nuts and seeds good for you?

Olive Oil is NOT Health Food but Sick Food - By Jeff Novick

NO OIL - NOT EVEN OLIVE OIL. Olive oil -- and ANY oil -- increases heart disease, the same way butter does. If you want to avoid heart disease and cancer, ditch all oils, which are in any case just highly processed (i.e., junk) food.

Olive Oil is one of the healthiest ingredients of the Mediterranean diet

Jeff Novick's Simple Meals. No excuses for not eating Plant Strong! (I don't think I posted this correctly, so please forgive me. I'm bookmarking it for me.)

Olives are a big part of the Mediterranean Diet - on their own or as an ingredient in salads sauces or stews. Check out Oldways 12 Great Ways to use Olives!

Olive Oil Is Not Healthy - Michael Klaper MD If you read the studies, the Mediterranean Diet is healthy IN SPITE OF olive oil, not because of it. For more info and to get the full talk on DVD: secure2.vegsource... This is a short excerpt from the talk of Michael Klaper MD at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2012, and comes from the Bron...

6 Reasons to Avoid Agave Syrup (Why Agave is NOT a Health Food) -