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Beige and dark-brown coated canvas, bubblegum suede (Calf) Push clasp-fastening front flap Comes with dust bag Weighs approximately 4.4lbs/ 2kg Made in Italy

Fur only belongs on the animal born with it. All else is vanity and savagery. No more fur farms or trapping for fur!

I will never wear fur. I will never buy real leather. There is no point in killing helpless animals for fashion, when we have the ability to get the same look with synthetics. No need for this violence on animals so we look good!

Born to be killed for a useless coat or trim. Nauseating that humans could kill this innocent animal for a sub-human's vanity.

100% trapped, tortured and slaughtered FOX TRIM. #fur hags are ugly. #vegan #vegetarian | Against animal cruelty, animal abuse, against fur - Support animal rights.

Absolutely. Fur belongs on the beautiful animals that came with their coats. Only ugly people and those who have no concern for animal cruelty/rights would purchase and wear a fur coat that came off of an innocent animal.

Why I will NEVER wear fur. Supply and demand ppl! You stop "demanding" it, they'll stop "supplying" it!

From up Northfrom From up North

25 ads with serious messages

25 ads with serious messages | From up North

Wearing fur (for that adorable, primitive caveman look) tells me what you're morals are, and as someone to be avoided. #nofur #cruelty #skinned