Halloween Hat Pack, fleece hats with horns, ears, and dragon plates perfect for kids (but comes in adult sizes too!). free pattern and video tutorial.

pattern for fleece hat...reindeer for Christmas?

Monster Mash up (FREE) Pattern and DIY tutorial! You can use this easy fleece hat tutorial to make several fun (and warm) hat for your little monster!

Dragon fleece hat

tutorial on how to make a dinosaur fleece hat....can adults wear these lol

Toothless Dragon Black Fleece Hat - Adult - Child - Toddler

Fleece Slippers.... oh man ... i prob shouldn't have found these! haha CRAFTING

Back Pachyderm - perfect for kids!

elf fleece hat

Free Fleece Dog Hat Pattern ♥ Fleece Fun

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Teddy Bear Hat


...or how about sunglasses for a little girl??? Crochet Aviator Hat - Free Pattern

Bunny Toddler Backpack Free Pattern

Aweomse #sewing patterns for girls

Homemade Toast: TOMS-inspired Baby and Toddler Shoes - Free Pattern and Tutorial

Fleece Football Hat Tutorial

76 Free pants & shorts patterns for BOYS by Max-California