Halloween Hat Pack, fleece hats with horns, ears, and dragon plates perfect for kids (but comes in adult sizes too!). free pattern and video tutorial.

Toothless Dragon Black Fleece Hat - Adult - Child - Toddler

pattern for fleece hat...reindeer for Christmas?

Monster Hat Tutorial

I love the different combinations you can make! Easy Fleece Hat tutorial {free pattern} Monster Mash up I www.fleecefun.com

tutorial on how to make a dinosaur fleece hat....can adults wear these lol

Free pattern and video tutorial.

cute baby ideas. link to free pattern for the shoes.

Hats & Diaper Covers [LA75386] - $5.99 : Maggie Weldon, Free Crochet Patterns

Back Pachyderm - perfect for kids!

Free Fleece Dog Hat Pattern ♥ Fleece Fun

Hat from old sweater

recycled sweaters


No-Sew Fleece Octopus Craft: This would make a great baby rattle if you fill the head with poly-fill and add a rattler. Must get rid of wiggly eyes and bows, as they are a choking hazard.

Lego characters craft! Perfect for when ever I have kids.

Make your own Car Seat Back Protector to keep the back of your seats clean and footprint free!

Toys for kids and adults from http://findanswerhere.com/toys

Not a free pattern. Inspiration only I LOVE what a change you can make by adding some simple appliques! Find a basic, plain, free pattern for a hat and blanket, then jazz them up with a couple, easy, flower and leaf appliques! This pattern is available for purchase if you follow the link.

Bedtime, and Picnic time finger puppet play set in all in one small tin. Free pattern and Tutorial!