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Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden - Very little room on your urban porch or backyard? How about maximizing the space you have by growing up? I'll be using a pallet sitting in my back yard to plant garden center annuals or possibly native succulents.

DIY Ideas To Use Pallets To Organize Your Stuff

This is a vertical pallet planter which is so pretty and eye-catching recycled wooden pallet design.

Chalkboard Wall Planter-4.jpg


Vertical Microgreen Planter - aka edible plants and herbs. Hanging from your wall. This is genius!



ハンギングプランターやハンギングバスケットが注目される中、一見作るのは難しそうにみえたり、場所を取るイメージが強いハンギング方法。でも、実際は簡単に作れるお洒落なアイテムで、小さなスペースでも豪華に咲き誇る花を楽しむことができるオススメのハンギング。今回はその魅力に迫り、様々な魅せるアイデアをご紹介いたします。 | ページ1

Wild Green Yonder is a Virginia florist that creates natural, garden-style arrangements for weddings and events throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

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Stunning Diy Succulents For Indoor Decorations 41

Construir muebles con pallets - Parte 3 - Taringa!

Construir muebles con pallets - Parte 3

DIY pallet vertical garden is great achievement for garden ornaments with vertical alignment of plants on through pallet boards. The pallet vertical gardens are

Verticale vetplanten op

Succulent Vertical Living Wall Art Kit by So Succulent This is the coolest thing ever! I love that this art is alive. Nothing brings life and freshness to a space like a plant, and this is just an awesome way to display it.



wine boxes - free at any local liquor store.such a great idea for a raised garden!SO many other great ideas for the home with wine boxes!