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baby boxer! My Dad bred boxers when I was young...Brownie was our FIRST ....boxers remind me of my youth and my Dad....

This Boxer just spotted the new cat next door!... Click on this image to find even more cute pics of #Boxer #dogs

Boxer puppy More Boxers Puppys, Faces, Sweet, Boxers Dogs, Boxers Love, Boxerpuppi, Pet, Doggies, Baby Boxers Baby boxer love that face Boxer puppy -- look at the sweet little face! <3 Boxer puppy - So precious! May have to be our next pet! Seriously adorable and sweet. ☺️ Baby Boxer- next doggie! Hehehe Baby boxer Dog One day ... I WILL have a boxer puppy (and if not I would happily settle for a Pitbull or German Spitz puppy) #motivation #boxerpuppy Check more at