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Its a process. It takes time. The time you should be spending with friends, your spouse, other children. Waiting sucks. Trial and error sucks as well.......but change takes time.

strive for progress not perfection- Eating Disorder Recovery

No perfection is ever accomplished by any of day maybe I will stop feeling the need to be hard on myself but most likely no

It's the moment just before jumping off the cliff and really recovering. I had this same exchange (several times) with my therapist 10 years ago... And during the 2 relapses that followed.

Recovery is about progression, not perfection! Just keep making progress. #recovery #staystrong #inspiration

Recovery is possible. But you never really forget what you went through. That's part of the fight. Part of life. Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. If we forgot them, we'd never learn or grow.

▪For instance (regarding the careful and diligent study of the scriptures), for it to benefit us most, as Elder Neal A. Maxwell has reminded us, our “Try[ing] the virtue of the word of God must be a regular feasting, not an occasional nibbling.” ▪“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out…” –Robert Collier

Perfection is not realistic and unfortunately we are not all born with a silver spoon and far from living in a castle. -----But with hard work..... you can expect anything in life to be beautiful

It's not about perfection; it's about progress

See this is what bothers me about all self-help, recovery, New Age crap: When the bud was a bud, it wasn't struggling to be a flower. Nin's view here is a human looking-back view that explains old pain and struggle, while still not embracing responsibility. BE the bud and then BE the flower, but remember: Flower not better than bud.