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"Severus Snape Wakes Up" | I support Lily/James over Lily/Severus, but I like to think this was Snape's heaven.

"I can teach you bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses...I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in Death"

I love it... my husband and I put these quotes in our wedding bands.

Severus Snape. Harry Potter. This actually teared me up a little bit. Heatherann Whistin

It certainly is, Snape. It certainly is.

Day 2SNAPE.some people think he may have been a villain but not me. Hes a great character who is just misunderstood

OMG This is so perfect

snape. snape. severus snape. - Imgur

The first and last mentions of Snape. :) hahah, not gonna lie, i LOVE the drawing of 'me' crying at the end. lol!

Just got back from the midnight premiere and I'm feeling a lot of #Snape love right about now!

Snape. (Wonder how much grief he got from the younger actors for this part of his wardrobe?) :)

♥ One of the greatest love stories!