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  • Beth Cutler Lloyd

    The Hunger Games (Trilogy) is one of the most "unputdownable" books to enter the teen market in a long time. The cliffhangers at the end of each volume are so intense, you can't help but continue on. Knowing this in advance, I decided against reading the series last summer despite the fact that everyone was talking about it. I waited the extra year, and I'm glad I did--even a week was torture when it came to getting my grubby mitts on a copy of Mockingjay. For the record, this isn't a series for everyone. You will be drained emotionally by its end. The Hunger Games is one of the grimmest dystopian worlds I've encountered in literature. A lot of characters die, and their deaths aren't pleasant. This series may not be for you. Then again, those who know me well would say it's not for me, either. I'm one of the most squeamish people you'll meet, and The Hunger Games more closesly resembles the movie Battle Royale than I thought it would when I started reading. I really enjoyed the series, though. There are scenes so poignant, they'll stick with me. Between this and Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, I've found that even squeamish ole me can still enjoy a disturbing book if it's thought-provoking and well-written. Now that I've warned you about the contents, let's move on to the meat of this review. It's hard to go in-depth without giving a lot away. A brief synopsis for the uninitiated: The trilogy takes place in the future. The USA has been destroyed; in its place is Panem, which consists of thirteen districts and a Capitol city. Before the series begins, the districts revolt against the Capitol and are defeated; the thirteenth is completely obliterated. As retribution for their crimes, each district is now required to send a boy and girl, called tributes, to participate in the annual Hunger Games. The games are centered around survival; there can only be one winner (Luckily, most of the deaths occur off-page, so it makes it easier for the squeamish to read). The characters are very rich and detailed; some of their deaths hit incredibly hard and are forever memorable. In the second book, Catching Fire, there is a lot of unease in the districts, and a lot of anger when the year's Hunger Games take a twisted turn and past winners are forced to battle it out for survival. The final book, Mockingjay, consists of a full out rebellion; the districts are at war with the Capitol and it's do or die in a showdown so explosive, readers never see it coming. All in all, I'm personally glad I've read this series and wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad I didn't sidestep it due to its violent nature and extreme situations. This trilogy is one I'll read again to delve into the intricate layers I know Collins has laid out for us. Collins is a master at capturing a society at war and showing the horrors that come when a corrupt government is in control.

  • Katie Brevoort

    Fav series :)

  • Mikayla Griffith

    cant wait till the movie comes out!!!

  • Tiffany Talley

    The Hunger Games awesome series movies are coming soon

  • Jessica Naomi

    amazing books! and very fast/ easy read!

  • Shari Roberts

    Best book series ever

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Hunger Games Trilogy

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‘I totally understand if you don’t hire me, but please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone her face cannot be badass. It has to be broken.’

I wish they had gotten someone cuter to play Peeta....sigh. Lawrence, Hutcherson, and Hemsworth pose in the North Carolina woods. Growing up, Katniss and Gale would often risk their lives by crawling beneath the electric fence encircling District 12 to hunt in the forest. She would use the skills learned on these excursions to keep both Peeta and herself alive in the deadly arena.

  • zo-vie-ah

    Excuse me? I think they nailed all three characters. Not just Gale.

  • jess walsh

    Gale is definitely the hotter one in the movie tho

  • Katherine Hoffman

    A lot of people are talking about having Peeta be played by someone hotter and bigger and stronger but he wasn't supposed to be the mega awesome hero. His chances at winning weren't supposed to be good and Katniss is kinda supposed to be the hero of the two. I think they nailed all three of them perfectly.

  • Lucero Sandoval

    Peeta plays his role perfectly. Its bot always about who's hot . If that matters tgeb we would have no such thing as intelligence

  • Lucero Sandoval

    Okay I have alot of errors in there ^

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The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set summer-reading

I hated matched, but I would like to try delirium... I heard its good ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

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25 Series to read if you love the Hunger Games I've read a few should look into the rest.

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I anticipate injuring myself from laughing while reading this. The Bloggess is genuinely hilarious.

  • Kelly H.

    I have read this book and sincerely LOL all by myself! Loved it so much, I bought another copy for one of my BFFs for Christmas. Encourage all ladies to read this book!!!

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