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1965 Peel P50 - I WANT !!

Thanks to my international network of secret sources, I am happy to bring to ABG readers, from the Isle of Man, none other than the true mini of minicars,

Peel P50 - that's my car!

Peel Smallest Production Car Made an Appearance at Cars & Coffee-Irvine, Ca.

1965 Peel Possibly the smallest car we have ever seen! Check out the size of the wheels!

Vintage Peel Micro Car

Vintage Peel Micro Car (the only car indigenous to the Isle of Mann).

The Peel P50 - the world's smallest street-legal production car

The Peel - the world's smallest street-legal production car

Peel Engineering

Peel Engineering typically more than of a car's energy is used just to move itself, The Carless Class is defined by eliminating this old fashioned "car equation." Vehicles in The Carless Class still have a full fairing but often just 3 wheels, some ha

1966 Peel Trident

1966 Peel Trident Pictures: See 1 pics for 1966 Peel Trident. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1966 Peel Trident.