Montessori-Inspired Spring Activities (Photo from themoveablealphab... Roundup post from livingmontessorin...)

Letter of the Week Series: C is for Cloud-Book, Craft, Science Activity, & Sensory Play!

Spring Activities Theme for Preschool

1 minute activities to get the kids up and moving :-) Another one, cool.

Montessori-inspired activities using dinosaur replicas - along with links to roundup posts with even more dinosaur activities for preschoolers on up.

Bark Rubbings. Great outdoor nature activity, perfect for Arbor Day or conservation awareness | via

Squish Preschool Ideas

Mental Images

"I do this lesson every year, but never had this poem. It will be a good addition! (With Chrysanthemum!)"

cloud graph

sensory cloud dough

3 Sorting Tray ideas - Hard / Soft, Floating / Not Floating, Heavy / Light.

seperating colours excellent fine motor control activity

Playful Preschool - learning through play for 3-5 year olds. Activities for math, science, reading, writing, art, and more!

20 preschool activity trays

This activity would be a simple, yet engaging, way for students to share their own ideas about weather. Together, the whole class would brainstorm common weather terms and put them on display for the rest of the seasonal weather unit.

Circles - Crafts and activities for toddlers learning their shapes.

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