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    A rustic picnic on Biltmore's grounds at the turn-of-the-century.

    The Jersey Shore, circa 1905.

    NYC. Manhattan. Vintage snapshot at Hester Street, 1903 in Lower Manhattan. // | A New Century Gallery

    Heavy Load. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The illustration documents a Dakota Sioux woman carrying firewood on her back in snow.

    George Vanderbilt and his faithful companion and beloved Saint Bernard on the grounds of Biltmore.

    The Jersey Shore circa 1906. S)

    The Victorian picnic. Once only reserved for wealthy hunters and country people out on their estates, it was the Victorians who popularised the picnic and made it commonplace, with writers like Dickens, Trollop and Jane Austen all adopting the convention in their books.

    Five Victorian ladies gather for a spot of afternoon outdoor tea.

    The architectural beauty of Biltmore House's indoor pool. #Biltmore #Biltmore House #Asheville

    A North Carolina mountain farm in the early twentieth century. This family grew tobacco for cash and dried fruit for their use and to trade with neighbors.

    The Sphinx, circa 1850

    Appalachia. Photographer Albert J. Ewing. The photograph was likely taken in southern Ohio or West Virginia, ca. 1890-1910.

    This is actually a mask the Doctors wore so as not to contract fatal diseases back in the Victorian era

    These types of business cards were given to men at train stations as they entered town to advertise houses of prostitution. These cards were in popular and open use until the 1930's. The women were called "Soiled Doves" in the Victorian era. During the Civil War there was such a huge epidemic of venereal disease that in one town the army quarantined "doves" on a river boat. BiddyCraft

    Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, photographed by Camille Silvy, 1862. Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies was a child born into a royal West African dynasty. She was orphaned in 1848, when her parents were killed in a slave-hunting war. She was around five years old. In 1850, Sarah was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift” from the King of Dahomey. She became the queen’s goddaughter and a celebrity known for her extraordinary intelligence.

    In homes with usually only one room, the box-bed allowed some privacy and helped keep people warm during winter. It was the main furniture of rural houses in Brittany until the 20th century.

    A forgotten profession: In the days before alarm clocks were widely affordable, people like Mary Smith of Brenton Street were employed to rouse sleeping people in the early hours of the morning. They were commonly known as ‘knocker-ups’ or ‘knocker-uppers’. Mrs. Smith was paid sixpence a week to shoot dried peas at market workers’ windows in Limehouse Fields, London. Photograph from Philip Davies’ Lost London: 1870-1945.

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    Queen Victoria

    Not so formal Victorian photographs. Love this.

    The Jersey Shore circa 1905. Atlantic City, on the beach. S)