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Smart Board Ideas!

Students throw a koosh ball at the board. If it hits a circle, it will take them to a rhythm that they have to clap or play. My kids LOVE this game! You can also edit the pages to be something other than rhythm patterns (ie. notes on the staff, questions, etc.). If I ever get a smart board

Boomwhacker Rhythm Lesson

Oh my goodness! Music games you can download for whiteboard or individual computer practice!

A 'handy' hand staff idea from MyMusicalMagic

Sub Binder I HATE trying to write down where everything is.... THIS is MUCH easier! (THIS. IS. SO. SMART!)

Do you know your time signature?

RHYTHM ♩♩♫♩Musical Musings with Mrs. Lukow ♫♩♫♩

Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm

Music Bulletin Board. Don't have "Despicable" Posture!

Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer

Smart board activities...this site is amazing!!

Smart Board activities

Hundreds of Smartboard Lessons and lesson plans organized by grade and subject. FREE!

I think I just found interactive white board heaven! Many, MANY notebook files in all curriculum areas!

Rhythm trainer

Cool game to teach note values and musical signs - Print out the 'note cards' from www.songchest.com

SMART board tips for the music class

110 Free Music Education Apps

SO many easy tricks to use with your SMART board!!!!!