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An adorable gift idea that lets you say exactly why you love him. Author your own personalized book of love reasons. Each pages lists a different reason and is illustrated with your characters. Guaranteed laughter and tears.


23 of Our All-Time Favorite Kids' Book Quotes

I Love You Forever.... My favorite memory with my mom was always reading this book. She said this to me every night before bed till I was 15


You Are My Sunshine Vintage Art Print with Grey Wood Frame


My daughter Rebecca and I say this every night and have every night since she was born. We even have it tattooed on our backs. I love you. with all my heart. to the moon and back ♡♥♡

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There's This Boy...5x7 art print (you choose your colors)

Makes me cry!

This is motherhood!!! The best job in the world!! You will laugh, you will cry, you will pray till your knees bleed, but you will look back on the years and be thankful for every second God gave you to wrap your heart around Motherhood!!!! Enjoy every matter how tough they get! And remember grandparents have been in your shoes and can offer their time!!!