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Montreal... I went for a film festival in college with a few friends and what I came back with was the single most crazy trip I have ever been on. Beneath its old world charm, European throwback and laid back feel lives a city that knows the definition of wild! Ask and you shall receive with this here, whether crazy fun, sophistication, or thoughtful peace is what you seek.

summer porch now turned white with the first snow

If you think positively, then Sound becomes Music, Movement becomes Dance, Smile becomes Laughter, Mind becomes Meditation, And Life becomes Celebration!

Canadian Eh? However, I believe Jewish boys from Eastern Europe created Superman...

Our winters... Even I'm glad to see it gone this year-and I love winter!

If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed. Also, keep in mind that animals are only called to those who share the same energy. In other words, you hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the owl represents.

Hahahhaha!! People actually think we live in igloos! I find that hilarious! It isn't cold enough all year to live in igloos. Because there isn't snow all year!! Lol

Canadian Gold! by Christopher J. Morley, via Flickr

Yes, this does happen. Snow Durango, Colorado.I would like to visit this place one day.Please check out my website thanks.

wooden canadian snow shoes; I know that I shouldn't complain, but after 5 months of winter I would rather be canoeing.

Travel: Activities 15 Great Canadian Drives.