"Give Me a . and a ?" at the end of a lesson.  Students have to write a quick statement about what they've learned and question they could ask a 'buddy' about their learning.

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

Tabletop Twitter! I LOVE this idea! Pick a passage from a book you are reading {read aloud, book club book, etc.} and glue it to the center of bulletin board paper and have the students "tweet" their thoughts about the passage. They can respond to one another without speaking.

This blog post includes helpful teaching tips and free task cards to help students vary their sentences.

questioning strategy

I really like this exit ticket poster idea.

Tweets About Today's Lesson: A Fun Exit Pass

Exit Slip Bulletin Board with five focus questions. Formative assessment at its best. #balancedliteracy

compare/contrast...maybe with our first grade buddies!

Luminous Learning Summer #Math Boosters workbook contains 30 expertly crafted lessons to help students succeed and prepare for the next grade. Built-in supports such as visual aids, step-by-step directions, and clear examples guide students as they practice and master essential math skills. A great resource for students with learning disabilities!

I Can Statements - students write the objective at the beginning of a lesson. At the end of the lesson, they evaluate their understanding and write an example to show what they learned.

10 exit slip prompts

Free poster download! The 3-2-1 Strategy is one example of many formative assessments. It can be used with a variety of lessons.



. Students create a dictionary entry using their names. The definitions are descriptions of themselves and then students put the class in abc and add guide words to the top.

Exit Card!

Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other

As part of the Common Core Standards, students must identify the who, what, when, where, and why of a story or text. This is a quick sheet to use ...

Oxford International Primary Science takes an enquiry-based approach to learning, engaging students in the topics through asking questions that make them think and activities that encourage them to explore and practise. ISBN: 9780198394822

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