"crap baskets" with name labels. At the end of the day everyone takes their own crap upstairs :)

The parent bloggers at Renovation Tracker used a row of Fintorp caddies to house their children's art supplies.


Something like this over the hanging rack in the laundry room. 3 -5 baskets hanging in a row (able to pull down or throw stuff into). Hats, gloves, other stuff...

10 Thrifty Spring De-cluttering Tips [inspiration] | Picklee I may not have stairs but this is still a great idea. Beats everything being all over the place. lol

20 Genius Hacks that only require normal stuff from around the house like Use bread ties to label your cords. - http://www.viralnova.com/simple-work-hacks/

Gallery Wall - no having to drill holes in the wall, easy to move frames around!!

Would love for a kids door too!

Baskets for storage over the toilet and 47 other interesting design ideas.

Attach Ikea Spice Racks to sides of Dresser for Book Storage! Fantastic idea!

A slide into the basement playroom... Um, awesome. Some Day...

Crap Buckets - need these!!

Hinged canvas frame to cover stuff on the walls. Genius.

40 Days of Organization: The idea is to get your house deep cleaned and organized without feeling overwhelmed.

Convert your unused attic into a year-round camp. Step 1: Get an attic.

Pop-up cabinet so you can hide the mixer yet don't have to move it when you need it.

Baskets are a great way to keep your laundry room tidy. More laundry room storage solutions: http://www.bhg.com/rooms/laundry-room/storage/laundry-room-storage-solutions/?socsrc=bhgpin080413baskets=17

A log home built over a creek that ran through the building site. glass floor - apparently we've learned nothing from Falling Water but maybe a nice fish tank to entertain the cats :)

Gold dot decals.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: Ways to Organize Your Personal Files for Married Life