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Katharine Hepburn from SUMMERTIME (1955) :: "I had no fear, but if I had known just how toxic the garbage in the canal was, ... , I would have been afraid.I still wouldn't have let someone else do it for me, although it might not have been as hard on someone tougher-skinned than me. My skin has always been sensitive. I certainly would have put up a bigger squawk about it and suggested they use a dummy. As it was, they did use a dummy, and the dummy was me."

Robinson 'Bojangles' Robinson | Legends of Dance Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple in a scene from The Little Colonel, a 1935 feature film starring Shirley Temple, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Lionel Barrymore and the Academy-Award winning actress Hattie McDaniel.

We Had Faces Thenfrom We Had Faces Then

Katharine Hepburn in Venice, 1955

Katharine Hepburn in Venice, 1955 (summertime)