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2014 SUMMER SOLSTICE FLUTE SCHOOL | School limited to 50 students | Park City, Utah - June 16th-19th

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What a beauty! I love Brent Haines Flutes ♥ Pitch: Mid G - 4 Scale: Minor

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Native Radio 90.3fm KNBA out of Anchorage, Alaska. National Native news, Native music, art and talk radio programs can be heard on streaming radio over your computer.

Tobacco Bags ideal for keeping small bags of herbs or other items in. They are available with minimal beadwork or fully beaded on the front only or beaded on the front and the back. www.nicholaswood....

A buckskin bag designed to hold a rawhide rattle or other medicine item. They are based on Native American Paint bags and have an area of beadwork at the bottom of of the bag and beadwork strip up one side (covering the seam in the buckskin). These bags have a simple buckskin drawstring to close them. Bag width approx 12 cm. Height approx 22 cm (not including tassels). www.nicholaswood....

Feathers are some of the most special gifts of the natural world, and combined with the kaleidoscopic patterns of peyote stitch beadwork the y are truly beautiful. Whether they are wild turkey, bird of prey, or colourful feathers from tropical birds, they all bring magic into the world. Feathers from different birds are used in many animistic and shamanic societies as sacred objects all over the world. www.nicholaswood....

Flat Fans are formed from a group of carefully matched feathers fixed into a handle which is then beaded in eye-catching peyote stitch beadwork. Plied deerskin tassels hang from the base of the fan's handle. Theses fans are often used for smudging and blessing, as well as for healing work. www.nicholaswood....

A single feather may be used for smudging, prayer, calling to Spirit helpers, healing and many other medicine uses. The quill of the feather is wrapped in buckskin and beaded in peyote stitch beadwork. www.nicholaswood....

The feathers in these fans are designed to float and dance as the fan is moved. They are not really suitable for use as smudging fans, rather they are used as prayer, blessing and healing tools. www.nicholaswood....

Nicholas Breeze Wood has been making shamanic drums for over 25 years, and offers a range of single sided deerskin shamanic frame drums.

Gourd Rattles are used in Native American Church peyote meetings and prayer and healing circles. Nicholas produces both traditional style beaded gourd (peyote) rattles, and deer rawhide rattles.

Robert Mirabal: Valley of Dreams

Robert Mirabal - The Dance