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Things to do with gummy bears.


Follow the steps…



Better names for things:

I like sound bagel, earth fur, flavor stick, don't-touch-em's, car juice, and penscrament. This will now be my regular vocabulary.

All the time! :)

All the time! :)

All the time! :)


They Don’t Live by Your Rules

They Don't Live by Your Rules

Im not sure how i feel about this

from 9GAG

Ninja in different levels

On chair, then sodas, then in theater seat, then by tire, then to the left.. I think a girl looking a up

Candy Bar Pretzel Bites are easy to make Christmas cookies. This recipe would be perfect for a cookie exchange!

I didn't read all the "you"'s, but I didn't look for the "yoo" I'm too lazy haha