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Shower curtain featuring a Dave Eggers monologue.

Issue 16 is by American writer Dave Eggers. Published on a shower curtain with the idea that one would read it while showering.This issue is a monologue told to Dave Eggers by his shower curtain. And I want!

Jacketed Spines Book Curtains in my library? I think, "Yes, indeed." :-)

Buy or DIY: Bookish Curtains

Jacketed Spines Book Curtains in my library? Definetly in my dream house!

Book bench, Istanbul, Turkey

"Istanbul is an open book – 18 of them, in fact, all written by Turkish poets. This ad campaign not only promotes reading and publicizes the work of native writers, but turns boring public furniture into functional works of art." (I want book benches!

Old Books -- Book Lovers Scented Soy Candle -- 8oz jar (for my sister, who loves sniffing books)

Found this on Etsy! A candle that smells like old books. "Old Books Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candle by Frostbeard"

Please read books

I love this picture.this is how books feed your brain! I think the brain should actually be a heart, though, because we all know they feed both!

33 Book-Themed Gifts For the Literature-Lover in Your Life

44 Book-Themed Gifts For the Literature-Lover in Your Life

Wear your love of libraries with style. This library inspired t-shirt certainly gets our stamp of approval and is definitely worth checking out.


Bookfession When I get to the last page of a really good book, my heart sinks a little.

I don't like the "i'm different" part because I feel a lot more people are like this than what is given credit but...

This is me so much: dear people I'm sorry I'm not like you. I love reading. I love books. I actually enjoy staying home on a Friday. I'm different learn to accept it.

When you have and English degree loaded with years of classic literature and writing under your belt, well, still don't judge!  This always bears repeating. Don't judge. JUST READ!

I don't care if it's Twilight or Fifty Shades or War and Peace. Never let someone make you ashamed of what you love to read. Reading if good for you no matter what you read - RaeCarson

YES, forget the engagement ring build me a library that keeps on giving...!! :D

Funny pictures about How to make her happy. Oh, and cool pics about How to make her happy. Also, How to make her happy.