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HOW TO REMOVE GLITTER NAIL POLISH!! - Use the Foil Method. Soak 10 cotton balls/pads in 100% pure acetone, and place them onto your nails, making sure to cover the entire nail. Then cut strips of foil, and wrap your cotton covered nail in foil. The foil prevents the acetone from evaporating. Wait about 6-8 minutes, and while applying a little pressure on your nail, drag the pad and foil off. TA DA, all the glitter has been removed in one easy swipe. No more scrubbing like crazy.

lacquerisawesome: CrowsToes “Triple Black Diamond” over A England “St. George” — black, blue, purple and aqua glitters give this polish combo a deep, dark sparkle (via steffels.: CrowsToes Triple Black Diamond) Looks like granite countertops - Cool!