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Ok. I'm now accepting applications for a boyfriend who is: 1) as tall & cute as John Krasinski & 2) as awesome as Jim Halpert

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Dwight and Jim bahaha :]

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I <3 Michael Scott.

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Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute, characters of the TV show The Office, have always had on ongoing hatred of each other. Dwight strictly follows...

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Jim's wedding speech. The office

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Jim & Pam on cupid's birthday

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The office Jim Halpert Face. I actually do this... because I'm awesome.

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I love you, Jim Halpert.

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Gotta love friends. :)

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love Jim and Dwight!

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Jims face in the bottom one.

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♥ Michael Scott


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I love the office

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Micheal Scott, you're so mean. But you are a Super Man ;)

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I love Pam and Jim

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Ah... Michael Scott

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