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All About Growing Artichokes

All About Growing Artichokes. Growing artichokes as annuals that bear edible buds their first season requires an early start, but properly handled artichoke plants will prosper in a wide range of climates. This growing guide includes descriptions of the types of globe artichokes and tips for growing them in your backyard garden. #gardengrowingtips

How to Grow Cantaloupe

How to Grow Cantaloupe - Tips for growing cantaloupe, including how to plant cantaloupe seeds and cantaloupe seedlings, and how to harvest cantaloupe.

Planning Your Fall Garden

The spring∕summer garden is giving up the last of its harvest, and it's time to think about the fall. What to plant? What works well…

‘Green Globe’ artichoke. Harvest artichokes when the bottom scales begin pulling away from the bud. If you wait too long, the scales will open and the artichoke could become infested with aphids, and more of the delicious, creamy artichoke heart is converted to inedible "choke".