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  • Molly Middleton Hart

    [ a little kitchen or cutting garden on the other side of the white picket fence would be perfect. A little chicken coop would be neat & add a pig or wagu beef cow & my little cottage might be making a little money ]

  • angela axiarlis

    An idyllic little cottage or antique shop of one's own. Wouldn't it be wonderful? Tiny house home cabin cottage

  • Marilyn Ward

    Ash Tree Cottage photo of a dreamy garden house - I'd love something like this to replace my poor broken-down gazebo. Dream on, Marilyn!

  • Angela Norton

    Garden shed idea...

  • Rosanne Woody

    Chicken coop? Garden cottage <3

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Chicken coop & potting shed, one at each end

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

The "Palais de Poulets," aka Clucking Hen Garden, belongs to a couple outside of Seattle. They transformed an old ugly shed into the work of art you see here. "A flock of heirloom chickens" (whatever that is) reside there. I admit it: I'm a bit envious.

Okay, I totally love this..... I would prefer to convert it from a chicken thing (cuz that what it looks like) to an outdoor music/reading/crazy dancing room.... yeah, that would be niiiiiice :)

This is for when I'm an old lady living up in the country. There will be fresh eggs, rabbits, calves skipping around in the spring, one garden full of tomatoes and another full of flowers. There will be catfish in the pond, a couple of dogs in the yard, and a cat to liven things up. There will always be coffee & cake for visitors, y'all plan to come! ;-)

lovely chicken coop >> I do believe this is one of the cutest chicken homes I have ever seen!

Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol

Very pretty! Great for a few hens in an urban or suburban backyard.

Chicken Coop- this is the MOST contemporary (and somewhat Asian) looking coop I've EVER seen. Very cool for the right setting. mv