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Always, ALWAYS have some Epsom's Salt on hand. Get a lush lawn, rejuvenate your scalp, and remove your blackheads...all with the power of Epsom salt. Check out what else you can do!


DIY Super Stain Remover

DIY Miracle Stain Remover

Tree Stump removal using rock and/or epsom salt. Rock salt dries out the wood, Epsom salt kills the tree by pulling moisture from the wood. The advantage of Epsom salt is that it will also improve the soil by adding sulfur and magnesium making it easy for you to replant.

Surviving The Stores™from Surviving The Stores™

20 Ways to Use Epsom Salt

20 uses for Epsom Salt


Nutritive Tanning Body Nutritive Serum - Helps & Support Skin

This nutritive serum makes my legs look A-mazing! I'm very pale and this is like adding a nice natural glow. One or two sprays are enough to cover my legs and it really smoothes and makes my skin soft. My legs look silky and tan in a healthy way and all ingredients are natural-organic without any nasty chemicals. My skin absorbs just enough serum and it’s not greasy. It smells delicious and makes me feel great. It just couldn’t be better.

Practically Functionalfrom Practically Functional

DIY Detox Bath Recipe

Feeling stressed and run down? I use this DIY detox bath recipe all the time to relieve stress or help get over a cold; works great!