How to take good pictures of your Christmas tree.

How to take glowing christmas tree pics. just keep in mind, the higher the iso, the grainier the shot, but if there's any movement, a slow shutter speed can cause some serious blur. Find a happy medium between speed and grain.

How to take a silhouetted photo in front of the Christmas Tree by lalakme, via Flickr

Four Creative Ways to Photograph Your Christmas Lights

How to Take Pictures by the Christmas Tree *Great family photography tips for the holidays

How To Take Pictures By The Christmas Tree

{DSLR Photography Tutorial} Detailed settings for capturing that magical twinkle of the Christmas tree *Going to try this for my holiday card shot …

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15 Hilarious Christmas Card Photos - funny christmas cards, funny christmas photos

Christmas Light Planks Photo Backdrop – PepperLu

Christmas Light Planks Photo Backdrop

Top Bhopal Photographer - Amit Nimade - an International award winning photographer recommanded to check it Christmas Light Planks Photo Backdrop – PepperLu

5 steps to taking pictures with Christmas lights- Click it up a notch. A bunch of photography tips!

Christmas Tree Lights Photos: 5 Easy Steps

Tips on how to capture christmas tree light photos.--lesson learned, I need to put more lights on my tree.


Our Most-Fun-Ever Holiday Photo Ideas 2012

How to make your own Bokeh. This site tell you how to get those big, beautiful, blurry lights, when taking pictures. Its actually pretty ingenious. I never would have thought of this (probably because Im not very good at taking pictures)