• Diane Straley

    Herta executed at age of 23 for her work for the gestapo

  • Ola Baskerville

    Herta Kašparová was executed at age of 23 for her work for the Gestapo in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

  • norbert prüfer

    Herta Kasparova executed at age of 23 for her work for the gestapo

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Prague, Czechoslovakia, 22/05/1946, The hanging of Karl Herman Frank.

Josef Bühler (1904 – 1948, sitting in the middle) was a secretary and deputy governor to the Nazi-controlled General Government in Kraków, Poland. He was intimately involved in the Final Solution. Bühler attended the infamous Wannsee Conference on Jan 20, 1942 as the representative from the Governor-General's office; the conference streamlined the collaboration between Nazi departments for the liquidation of European Jewry. In 1948 he was hanged for his troubles at his former seat of Krakow.

Fritz Sauckel (right) with Adolf Hitler. As the forced labor overlord in the 3rd Reich, Sauckel was responsible for the barbaric treatment of millions of foreign workers pressed into service by the Nazis. For his troubles, he was hanged in Oct 1946.

Guinness planned to advertise in Nazi Germany during the 1936 Olympics ("It's time for a Guiness")

Johann Baptist Albin Rauter (Feb 4, 1895 – March 25, 1949) was a high-ranking Austrian (from 1939, German) Nazi war criminal. He was the highest SS and Police Leader in the Netherlands and the leading security and police officer during the period of 1940-1945. He reported directly to the Nazi SS-chief, Himmler, and in the second instance to the Nazi governor of the Netherlands, Arthur Seyss-Inquart. He was convicted in the Netherlands of crimes against humanity and executed by firing squad.

Český Krumlov, Czechoslovakia

Napping at the beach. Netherlands, 1917. I loved the strandstoelen. Great against the wind

Vaclav Havel; although he'd spent his career as a playwrite, he became a political dissident in his native Czechoslovakia and became his country's last president and the first president of the Czech Republic. He serves as an icon of the Velvet Revolution.

Terezin. An evil echo from the era of Nazi occupation.

German surrender, May 1945: Generaloberst Alfred Jodl arrives at Rheims for the signing of the surrender document. On the left is Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, who co-signed the surrender instrument. He committed suicide on May 23, 1945. Jodl was convicted at Nuremberg and was hanged in October 1946.