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  • Diane Straley

    Herta executed at age of 23 for her work for the gestapo

  • Jim Campbell

    Herta Kašparová, hanged at the age of 23 in Czechoslovakia in 1946 for collaborating with the Nazis.

  • norbert prüfer

    Herta Kasparova executed at age of 23 for her work for the gestapo

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I traveled to Prague with the Montana Youth Choir when it was still Czechoslovakia

Český Krumlov, Czechoslovakia

Punishment for alleged involvement with the Nazis, Montelimar. (Colorized Photo) 1944.

Fritz Sauckel (right) with Adolf Hitler. As the forced labor overlord in the 3rd Reich, Sauckel was responsible for the barbaric treatment of millions of foreign workers pressed into service by the Nazis. For his troubles, he was hanged in Oct 1946.

Vaclav Havel; although he'd spent his career as a playwrite, he became a political dissident in his native Czechoslovakia and became his country's last president and the first president of the Czech Republic. He serves as an icon of the Velvet Revolution.

People from village Zdiar in the Goral folk-costumes in Slovakia! Ždiar is a village and municipality in the Poprad District in the Prešov Region in Spiš in northern Slovakia.

Picturesque! "Cesky Krumlov, in Czech Republic is a little town tucked away, and is like what you would see in a scene of the Sound of Music. It sits on the Vlatava River, and is a very historic town and very beautiful."

Johann Baptist Albin Rauter (Feb 4, 1895 – March 25, 1949) was a high-ranking Austrian (from 1939, German) Nazi war criminal. He was the highest SS and Police Leader in the Netherlands and the leading security and police officer during the period of 1940-1945. He reported directly to the Nazi SS-chief, Himmler, and in the second instance to the Nazi governor of the Netherlands, Arthur Seyss-Inquart. He was convicted in the Netherlands of crimes against humanity and executed by firing squad.