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  • Philadelphia MFT

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  • Chalisa Lynn

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  • Rebecca

    I am good enough. I do enough. I have enough. I work enough. I love enough. I am beautiful enough. I am smart enough. I am enough. I am worthy of love, I know I belong, I recognize my life has meaning, and I give myself permission to take it easy and just be me.

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Once we have called, our next step is to watch. He has never broken a promise and He is promising to show us great and mighty things we do not know. God finds joy not only in our asking but also in our anticipation that follows. Lets not rob Him of them!

Thought for the day: it'll be okay (in fact, it might even be great!)

Going through this right now. I'm hurting bad still over her. It's changing me though because I don't want to love anybody but her...

Mondays are the best day to look back at all the fun stuff you did over the weekend, and smile!! ;)

this makes me sad because there are so many people I want to stay with me now, and there will be so many more like that in the years to come:(

"You are amazing, unique & beautiful. There is nothing more you need to be, do or have in order to be happy. You are perfect just as you are. Yes, Really." The Love Shop (Etsy)

Don't be so hard on yourself.

I don't know when my luck will run out, but if you've seen photos of me in high school - or were present during an argument with my family... you'll know this is correct (and that it's all relative...)

"Our background and circumstances may influence who we are, but we are responsible for who we become." -- no more excuses ...

this could not be any truer, speaking of course from artist block... the first stroke was the hardest.

This is a cute image - Now for a really cute matching image... I know what turns men on would be her out the window working under the hood of the car! (or mowing the lawn?) LOL

Very true. I seem to have some misunderstandings in my life and I really tired of people not talking it out, to try to work it out like adults, they are just done with you. They focus on their side, write you off and ignore you with out even trying to see what they could have done. Tired of always being the one to try to do so. Silly to have distance because of a misunderstanding never bothering to work it out. Guess those people weren't meant to be.