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Abbey Window by Sarah Dawson © Taken at Battle Abbey, East Sussex, "I just liked the light coming through the window."

Glastonbury Abbey. - The legend of King Arthur. Glastonbury Abbey is said to be the fabled island of Avalon,and King Arthur's last resting place. A 12th century story tells of the discovery of Arthur's and Queen Guinevere's grave in the Abbey grounds,but there is no archaeological proof. Glastonbury Abbey, Great Britain

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Palácio da Pena

Restos de un castillo céltico. By_Lugares Abandonados. ‏@CosasEnAbandono

Whitby Abbey. Ruins. Benedictine abbey in North Yorkshire. Originally founded by king Oswiu in 657 AD. Double monastery of nuns and monks. It was the home of the AS poet Caedmon and, at the Synod of Whitby, king Oswiu established that the Roman Church traditions were to be followed in detriment of the Celtic ones. (the calculation of Easter and the tonsure, among others)