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  • Sarah @ Any Way the Wind Blows

    KITTENS ASSEMBLE!!!! . . . . when I'm a crazy cat lady, this WILL happen.

  • Ally🙈

    KITTENS ASSEMBLE... This is pretty much how The Avengers went down :) This is the cutest comic I ever seen in my life. Thor finds these cute and fluffy cats in the box. And loki comes in to kick them but why would you do that. But they the cats are just like the avengers in the movie's and for Disney infinity 2.0 its super cute.

  • Bobbi Ostepchuk

    If you kick my kittens, I will kill you! #Thor #loki #funny #Avengers

  • Caralyn Ware

    The Avengers. I love how Captain America is mad at Iron Man.

  • Christine Cook

    I'd read this comic book. :)

  • Sarah DeJarnette

    The Avengers vs Loki... I can has Kitty Iron Man?

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