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shoebox as ribbon organizer

Shoe Box as Ribbon Organizer. could even use a cheap photo box to make it cuter. definitely need something to help organize my mess of ribbon.

Das ist so einfach, dass man kaum drauf kommt! Gute Idee!

DIY Curling Ribbon Jar Organizer

Om je lintjes op orde te houden :-) DIY Ribbon Organizer [Tutorial] : keep Curling Ribbons organized and untangled by storing them in canning jars with slits cut in the lid.

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What a great idea to keep my ribbons tidy! DIY ribbon storage/dispenser made from an old shoebox


DIY Ribbon Organizer Tote

The Chicken Chick®: DIY Ribbon Organizer Tote - This is like the best idea that I have seen in AGES! Love that it is stackable! First one I've seen that covers and protects the ribbon from dust etc.

SUPER EASY RIGHT?!?! just take a hanger you get when you buy a piece of clothing and break off the "clip" part...... and there you go, easy as 1 2 3. Now this one is just as easy!!!! just find a li...


Aufbewahrung für schmale Bänder: tictac-Dosen

Tic Tac containers can be the perfect answer for organizing ribbon and trim. Find out how it works with this Organizing Trims and Ribbons with Tic Tacs tutorial

Boxen mit Geschenkband

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Boxen mit Geschenkband