Russian Join a way to start a new ball of yarn without weaving in ends!

best, clearest video for making a Russian Join. I've used this several times. You may need to have a few different size tapestry needles as you want a needle that is slightly smaller in diameter than the yarn you are working with.

How to Change Color No Knot

invisible join, I've been looking for this, I knew there was an easier way!.

Russian Join - This is so incredibly cool!

Magic Knot to join yarn. A tiny knot that won't come undone.

▶ How to Make a Russian Join - Connecting Two Pieces of Yarn without a Knot - YouTube

how to crochet with beads

How to crochet invisible joins at

Farb-und Stilberatung mit - Moonlight Stroll

How to make yarn from an old t-shirt!

Sc stripes with a front dc spike into the second row down

how to make the Magic Loop with these step-by-step photos. ✿⊱╮Teresa Restegui✿⊱╮

Ingenious way to hold your yarn while crocheting. Box, one large knitting needle, and yarn!!.

#Crochet_Tutorial - "Lovely little pointed triangle edging! Great for sweater and sleeve hems, blankets, bags, etc. This is really easy to do. It would be very effective in a variegated yarn too! #KnittingGuru **

This handsome little pattern is called theMaster Charles Hat and is designed by the lovely Kate Oates of Tot Toppers. There is also a sweater pattern available to go with call the Master Charles Sweater.

Another way to join in the round

Free Crocheting Pattern: Knook Piggy Pattern -- i bet if you just changed the colors/fabric and minor details (no tail, change nose) then you could make a pig, an elephant, a koala, a panda, any bear reallly, maybe a penguin, and on and on ........

lighted crochet hooks = the coolest thing ever! I used to think it was a stupid idea, then I used mine with dark yarn, omgosh, it is wonderful. Best idea yet

Needle workers will learn numerous stitches as well as how to work with more than one color, use camouflaging tricks, employ decorative techniques, and more.Author: Pauline Turner.Hardcover: 112 pages.

How to join yarn! Better than those ugly knots I have in my projects that I hope will blend in