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Home made "biore" face strips

At Home Pore Strip... This totally works! But be warned - you better bring your highest tolerance for pain. Not only does this pull all the junk from your pores, but it is basically a slow and fairly painful full face wax. Whatever you do - Stay way from your eyebrows! And just and FYI that the jaw line is where it starts to get really sensitive. I cried a little.

Get rid of blackheads in 15 minutes with a natural mask !

Make your own pore strips... Microwave 1 tbsp honey w/ 1.5 tbsp milk. Apply mixture to desired area on face, wait 15 min for this to dry into a "sturdy film". Peel off once dry.

Oh my word, this is crazy good! Deep Pore Clearer. From another pinner: Im repinning this because I just tried it. Im never buying pore strips again.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies #teeth #whitening #remedies

Homemade wax made out of sugar, honey, and a little bit of lemon juice. it works!!!!!! and it works like biore pore strips!!!!

Face lotion

At home spa treatments

DIY: rejuvenating face mask

Contouring and highlighting is the best way to emphasize your facial features

Black head removal! (Sorry about the gruesome picture!)

Get Rid Of Blackheads In 5 Minutes. Half lemon and 3-4 drops of honey. Rub the lemon on your face, emphasize the black heads prone areas like nose, chin etc. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes, then wash it with cold water. You will see the results immediately. Additionally, lemon juice will also fade other marks/spots on the face and honey will moisturize.

4 Easy Ways To Help Your Face Overnight | Soothe your skin during winter

Face brushes come with pretty specific purposes.

5 Ways To Remove Blackheads Naturally... Finally I found a mask I could do on my husband instead of using the tools on his face :)

10 Homemade Face Mask Recipes

DIY Face Mask. - The lemon help with the dark marks and the honey moisturizes your skin

trim split ends at home, genius! haha @Amanda Raines ahhh there you go love. dont have to worry about a cut and your can clean your loose ends up haha - not sure if i a dare to do it

Lauren Conrad's excellent tutorial on how to properly contour your face with bronzer, blush, and highlighting powder. Very useful to know, and it can be done with inexpensive items from the drug store!