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    • Barb Jack

      hide AC unit

    • Madelyn

      Conceal the Air-Conditioner You can’t get rid of bulky and unsightly air conditioning units and utility meters, but you can hide them. Keep these out of view with short sections of fencing or evergreen shrubs @ Home Decor Ideas

    • Quanisha Thomas

      DIY air conditioner cover

    • Ashley Marie

      FOR POOL PUMP Conceal the Air-Conditioner - You can't get rid of bulky and unsightly air conditioning units and utility meters, but you can hide them. Keep these out of view with short sections of fencing or evergreen shrubs.

    • Kelly Moey

      Great idea to cover up ugly AC outside 25 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make

    • India Inc.

      Concealing a air conditioning unit | Easy Curb Appeal DIY’s!

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