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I started using Gelish three months ago. I have weak, paper thin nails. Often a crack on the side of a nail becomes a painful problem. The Gelish coating protects and strengthens the nail bed. I work with my hands but I love a great manicure. Great price for the Basix Kit. $32.65

Great toothbrush and with two heads we share one base between my husband and I. We love the automatic two-minute off feature which helps us rember to go the two full minutes. The charge lasts a long time and its pretty durable as we have successfully knocked it off the counter a few times. $44.99

This nice little digital camera is right for you, if you’re not a professional photographer. This won’t make professional pictures, but it will still make some pretty good ones. It does all what ordinary person must want from a camera. This one is available in 5 different colors, so you can choose which one you like the best.

It is everything they said and more. I was a little apprehensive to order a running sneaker on line but trust Runner's World and also know that Amazon stands behind their products and sellers. The service with the seller was wonderful. The shoes arrived the next day and the seller actually called me to let me know that if I was disastified in any way they would stand behind their product and just wanted me to be happy. Would definately purchse from this seller again! $56.79

Skittles Vodka Tutorial

Skittles vodka... works great with rum too! With Rum and it's so much better! Smooth, sweet and taste just like the Skittles. Can be imbibed straight, but if you add a mixer like Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc. then be careful because it just taste like a Skittles drink without the alcohol. It's REALLY good and you won't realize how much you're drinking.

Tammy Taylor Nails A+ Nail Liquid is made especially for Pink and Whites, it keeps your whites whiter and pinks brighter, can be used with all Nail Powders, Fast Setting, Super Durable and low in odor!