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Lord General Charles Cornwallis by Thomas Gainsborough ( Lord General Charles Cornwallis was blamed by General Henry Clinton for the loss of the colonies, but he proved to be a capable general and politician in Ireland and India after the Revolutionary War.

Ethan Allen - one of the founding fathers of the State of Vermont and Revolutionary War patriot, hero, politician. He helped capture Fort Ticonderoga early in the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War hero General Horatio Gates (1728–1806), was painted long after he led his troops to victory at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. Although his military career was turbulent, the English-born Gates is represented in the uniform of a brigadier general, decorated with the medal that Congress ordered struck to commemorate his triumph at Saratoga.

No, this isn't prim decorating, but it is my absolute favorite Revolutionary War patriot, General Nathaniel Greene. It is because of Gen. Greene that Cornwallis and his army were defeated. (Portrait painted by John Singleton Copley)

Nathanael Greene,Revolutionary War American Major General, was born August 7, 1742. He is remembered for his successful military command in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War that forced British General Charles Cornwallis to abandon the Carolinas and relocate to Virginia.

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most well known Founding Fathers of the United States. In 1730 Franklin acknowledged an illegitimate and only son William. In 1752 when William was 21 he assisted his father in the famed kite experiment. William later became a steadfast Loyalist throughout the Revolutionary War despite his father’s role as one of the most prominent Patriots during the conflict, a difference that tore the two apart.

Tough old Revolutionary War patriot; date is Battle of Lexington and Concord -- The day "the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world."

Marquis de Lafayette, Revolutionary War Continental Army Major General, was born September 6, 1757. After the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in North America, he offered his services to the colonists, and refused to take any pay for his services while spending much of his own money to outfit the American Colonial Army with shoes and clothing.

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