Baby Marmoset

Baby owl

A teeny tiny baby monkey....I want it!!

Baby bull dog :)


Menari, Baby Orangutan by Eric Isselee who with his team travel the world capturing astounding studio images of animals for a massive project 'Life On White'to create the largest collection by a single photographer, of animals photographed in front and on a white background. via #Orangutan #Photography #Eric_Isselee #Life_On_White #dailymail

awww... baby african pygmy hedgehog

Baby penguin

delivery corgis

Marmoset baby

tiny bunny

Baby Snow Monkey

Pygmy marmoset.

Baby Pygmy Marmosets - How Cute !!

Baby Sloth from Sloth Sanctuary 1.jpg

adorable monkey

4 tiny turtles

Nice hair!

Fennec Fox

fuzzy head.