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    • Diana Lopez

      Let's fight! (Photo and caption courtesy Frans Rusli/National Geographic Your Shot) Click here to see more from National Geographic Your Shot. Tree stumps along the shoreline of American Memorial Park in the island of Saipan. The park is getting smaller every day. Topsoil is being washed by waves. These stumps used to be beautiful pine trees.

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    I would love to go back to Saipan in the North Mariana Islands and live. I stayed here for almost a month while my husband was working for Christmas in 2009. That little island in the center is bird island, a bird sanctuary. Most beautiful place I have ever seen!

    Ik Kil Cenote, near Chichén Itzá, Mexico. >> Look at that beautiful sunlight beaming into this gorgeous place!

    The Infinite Gallery : Glacier National Park, Montana: Mother Natures Best Work !!!!

    again cudos to national parks providing us with these killer views!

    I'm not even going to attempt to conceal the reverence and adoration I have for the Australian Tea Tree (Leptospermum laevigatum). Wind blown and architectural, these trees appear to be molded by hand rather than grown. They sweep wildly across the landscape, and no two trees are ever alike

    Altocumulus undulatus clouds at Abruzzo national park, Italy. This cloud formation consists of parallel bands of cumulus clouds, occuring when wind shear affects a layer of altocumulus

    Edith Creek and Mt Rainier Mt Rainier National Park Washington by Randall J Hodges Photography, via Flickr

    Glacier National Park, Montana. Free as the smell of earth clay. As sand you are. As sand you shall be as you are forever beautiful sir. Gorgeous to the bones of the everything that you are. I love. As they call me love. Do not fuck with him ever again or you shalleth be that worm that doesn't surrvive me.