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Decorating for Easter

Get ready for Easter this year with touches of spring around the home. With a garden-fresh palette and colorful eggs, this cheery decor is a welcome change from winter hues.

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Decorate with Egg Weights - Adding a bit of holiday cheer to your Easter celebration shouldn't take a month of Sundays. Don't let your tablecloth blow away. Anchor your party table covering with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. Secure gingham ribbon around the eggs with hot glue, and thread through openings you've hole-punched into the corners of the cloth.

Easter Crafts To dress up your Easter table, make a cabbage basket, bunny bouquet, and a veggie napkin ring

DIY Dipped Easter Eggs by fabulousk via trendhunter: Simply dip half the egg in a mixture of red and pink Easter egg dye and the other half in non-toxic gold paint. #Easter_Eggs #Gold_Dipped

Dripped-On Eggs — Turn rubber cement into an ornamental element by dripping it onto blown-out eggs.

Egg Ornaments In Europe, Easter eggs are often hung on tree branches and bushes. Bring this custom into your home with these charming ornaments embellished with ribbon and trimmings.

Stamped eggs! Collage a blown-out egg with Mod Podge. Any collage theme would work, solid colors, jewelry, fruit, alphabet letters, or animals, just to name a few. - en av Sveriges största inredningsbloggar Little egg hang-y things :-D cute ~ Egg, easter, flower, easter egg, awesome, cute, cool

Easter - shoe boxes that are lined with scrap book paper and/or fabric. Fill or hot glue decorative items. Easy and so, so cute!!!

Wheatgrass Setting with Chocolate Bunny Favors Decorating for a seasonal lunch needn't be elaborate to feel festive. We used vintage eggcups for these place settings, but you could also use teacups. Fill them with wheatgrass (from health-food stores) and lilies-of-the-valley. Add chocolate bunnies and eggs for postmeal nibbling.

Easter by catrulz. I think I have this Easter bunny, lucky me. Spring letters add the finishing touch.