Pilates is an amazing exercise type during pregnancy. Regularly practising pilates help expectant mother in staying healthy and strong, assisting them in staying tuned with the changes in their body Read about Pilates exercises

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Getting deeper into the stretch by lifting and away from the feels so good, straighten out front leg for an added push the hip your stretching forward as you push the back I used one red spring ❤️

Para além do leite e derivados, há mais alimentos ricos em cálcio:

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How do vegans get calcium without consuming dairy products? Well, it’s fairly simple, they eat lots of natural vegetables, seeds and nuts that contain calcium. The body needs calcium which i…

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30 Fun Free Things To Do In Vegas. Will be driving through Vegas in early May, will only have one night there though.

Uma técnica que explora a reverberação das ondas sísmicas nas entranhas do nosso planeta permitiu “ver”, pela primeira vez, a estrutura do seu coração de ferro cristalizado e ardente.

Geociências. O núcleo interno da Terra tem por sua vez… um núcleo interno

This is Blue Marble. It was the most accurate, highest resolution image of Earth ever—until they created the next-gen Blue Marble. It's the most famous, since it's the iPhone's default image. Now its creator has revealed all its secrets.

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Immunity Tea with Cayenne Pepper: Step by Step Instructions from Kimberly Snyder (the lady responsible for Drew Barrymore's glow!