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  • Alexandra Aldís

    [ #astronomy ] A head-to-toe image of the #stars of #Orion. ~Al. A.

  • Greg Lorren

    Orion constellation - the microcosm within reflects the universe and those around us...

  • Nana ✿ Långstedt

    The Sword of Orion and His Belt -- Just right of the center you can see the Great Orion Nebula, a famous star nursery; just above the Lambda Orionis Nebula (the big red cloud) and Lambda Orionis (the star that's responsible for ionizing the surrounding material); the stars that comprise the Orion's Belt; and the Horsehead Nebula near the stars.

  • Daniel Rees

    Orion In All It's Wondrous Glory, probably the best picture of space you will ever see!

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The universe is of the nature of a thought or sensation in a universal Mind ~ Arthur Stanley Eddington ~

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Chaos in Orion: Baby stars are creating chaos 1,500 light-years away in a cosmic cloud called the Orion nebula. Four massive stars make up the bright yellow area in the center of this false-color image from NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes.

By far, my favorite constellation in the night sky. You can only see him in the spring. I taught the students to find him =)

Inside the famous nebula in Orion, IRAC has revealed many young stars and a long filament of star-forming activity containing thousands of young protostars still in the process of formation, NASA says.

Orion, from Head to Toes | Deep Sky Colors - Astrophotography by Rogelio Bernal Andreo