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Studies In Expression. When Women Are Jurors, Charles Dana Gibson

☆ Image of Druid Arch-priestess with Sickle and Mistletoe ☞ The Wicca Spellbook: A Witch's Collection of Wiccan Spells, Potions, and Recipes :¦: By Gerina Dunwich ☆

Gibson Girl iconic beauty. Charles Dana Gibson, 1902 --The ideal of feminine beauty at the turn of 19-20 centuries was the image created by the American illustrator Charles Dana Gibson (September 14, 1867 – December 23, 1944).

"Roses are red" "And violets are blue" "One day we’ll cruise down Blood Gulch Avenue" "It’s red versus red" "And blue versus blue" "It’s I against I and me against you" "Violets are blue" "And roses are red" "Living like this we were already dead"