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  • Judy Harrison

    Poke holes in a dark lampshade for an interesting look.. Good project to do with older kids when they start with the "I'm bored" story...just an idea!

  • Anne Anne

    Super easy Idea to draw attention away from ugly lamp base! Spray paint lamp base a medium to light neutral color. Spray paint old lampshade a dark color. Poke/punch holes having larger and fewer holes toward top adding smaller and smaller holes toward bottom increasing the number. Using heavy craft paper/stiff fabric,cut out city skyline with scissors/exacto knife. Place on flat surface and spray several coats of lampshade paint. Attach with spray adhesive. Poke holes following city outline.

  • Sairie Berlanga

    Poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture #DIY #crafts #ideas #tips #howto #cute #gifts

  • Gracie Jo

    That's amazing, I actually thought about doing this to my lamp shade. But that was whenever I wanted my bedroom to be totally city centered. It was a cool idea though, I thought.

  • Khazel Bustillo

    DIY Lampshade City Lights

  • Jenness Howery

    Poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture! It's like a light bright! Love this city skyline idea for this technique!

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