wavy hair with a flat iron. good tutorial with lots of pictures.

How to do easy Beach Waves with flat iron. Love doing this, you can also get a beach spray which will help keep your style if you have hair like mine that loves to go flat.

Wavy Hair Using a Flat Iron

Mine always turns out like bombshell curls. Wavy Hair Using a Flat Iron Tutorial - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

DIY Styles - Soft Flat Iron Curls #ukhairdressers    Loads more hairstyle inspiration    www.ukhairdressers.com

I wouldn't recommend curling hair with a flat iron, it severely damages your hair, just like a blow dryer.if you want split ends. by JustLinnea

Most people think that flat irons only achieve sleek straight hair, but you can do so much more with them. Using them to curl your hair is the trendy thing to do. And, chances are you most likely already have a flat iron at home. For the perfect curls, wavy hair or frizz free hair here are The 11 Best Trendy Flat Iron Tricks for Hair.

The 11 Best Flat Iron Tricks for the Hair

A super easy Flat Iron Curls Tutorial for the mom-on-the-go or an easy summer style to get out the door quickly, you'll love it!

Easy beach curls !!!

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Easy everyday only if you have tons of time, but. Beauty Tip: DIY Hair / Easy Everyday Curls tutorial - Fereckels

No heat Beach Waves? Right here! Usually when I try this style I make sure my hair is damp, but not wet, so it doesn't smell sour or remain ...

No Heat Beach Waves Tutorial

Finally a hair tutorial! Here’s a no heat beach wave tutorial that I’d like to share with you guys! Part your slightly damp hair into two sections (right …

How to Flat Iron Waves!

Unexpected hairstyles you can pull off with your straightener, besides just straighten it

What do you use to Curl your hair? A flat iron or hair straightener? No of course not, you use a curling wand or curling iron right? Click the image to see easy it really is to make beach waves with your flat iron

Tutorial: Everyday Waves, Wavy Hair, Pam Hetlinger, Wavy Hair Tutorial, How to Loose-Waves| The Girl from Panama

Tutorial: Everyday Waves

Will all of the hair tutorials out there that show you how to curl hair, we wanted to creat a video and assembled step by step photos showing you our top six ways for how to curl your hair with a curling iron as well as how to curl your hair with a flat iron. In this tutorial see how to create ribbon curls with your flat iron!

How To Curl Your Hair - 6 Different Ways To Do It

Long Blonde Beach Waves

20 Perfect Ways to Get Beach Waves in Your Hair

Beach wave hair is super trendy but not so easy to do. Get really simple tutorials and use your curling wand, flat iron and different no-heat tools like a pro!

For this look, it’s all in how you direct the flat iron. | Learn How To Curl Your Hair In Five Minutes

This Will Actually Teach You How To Curl Your Hair In 5 Minutes