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A woman who sleeps with another woman's husband will say anything to try to justify their actions. His wife is crazy, his wife is a bitch, he doesn't love her anymore They never stop to question the man who cheats on the woman he vowed his life to. They never stop to wonder if perhaps his wife is a crazy bitch because his cheating ass made her that way. And they certainly never stop to think that maybe someday he might do the same to her.

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This is so true.

I never thought about being a stand in when I was a little girl... to who he texts/talks to, what he watches, or who he stares at in public. Thankfully, when one grows a thicker skin, she awakens the part of herself and says, I don't have to play this part anymore.

What i feel with a girl is so much more comfortable than with a guy. im nervous around guys. but with a girl, i think its beautiful.


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Grip of Reality_destiny_"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." ~~ C.S. Lewis _ So you should be grateful for hardships and do your best to to learn from them, recover, and get through them with as much strength as possible!

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Shit people find out on Spokeo - Use it - is your husband or wife cheating on you ? Their dating profiles will show up there. Good background search site. Just Saying, you know for the Trolls needing info.