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S'mores Bites - a twist on the classic dessert, make these little S'mores Bites in the oven!

One Pan Mexican Quinoa - Wonderfully light, healthy and nutritious. And it is so easy to make - even the quinoa is cooked right in the pan!

Did You Know You Can Store Grated Ginger in the Freezer to Make It Last Longer? — Tips from The Kitchn

Need a simple guide to help you remember how to cut your recipes in half? Print it out and keep it in your kitchen - either taped to the inside of a spice cabinet or laminate for simple reference.

Few ingredients to make this delicious dump cake..and you will have a party in your mouth in no time at all.

pink tulle tree with tiny glass ornaments, I so remember these lol............

DIY snowpeople - Frosty Family Upcycle with Epsom salt

My mom's homemade ornaments- so cute :o)

K-Cup Snowman Hat Ornaments

DIY Tulle Mantle Decoration for Christmas. Easy, Cheap and Gorgeous.

oversized ornament tutorial

Shivery snow paint- kids can create puffy snowmen and other works of art that are COLD to the touch!

Christmas ideas for Disney lovers.

Fun idea to do with the kids for our tree this year, maybe even angels and snowmen

Reindeer made from Burlap Ribbon ♥

fold the paper into a triangle a few times and cut out part of the shape in the pic

How To Cut Out Felt - REVISED | Wee Folk Art (Using packing tape, staples, etc.--it sounds counter-intuitive but they are great ideas.)

Free Christmas Printable This is awesome I use to Love Paper dolls No electronics in those days lol You

How to root hydrangea cuttings. If i can, i want to make cuttings of my plants at my dad's house before moving out to somewhere :) so i can bring them with me in spirit

The BEST recipe I've ever found for Sugar Cookie Cut-outs! This easy method makes the most moist, tender, delicious cookies that you can decorate however you like!

Number Sense Craftivity - Students trace their hands, cut out & glue down onto A3 paper, except for the fingers! #preschool #kidscrafts (pinned by Super Simple Songs)

Dough recipe for sugar cookies that won't lose their shape. Needed around Christmas time.

Here is a List of What To Eat and What To Avoid When Following a Sugar-Free Lifestyle Don't go from eating sugar non-stop to completely eliminating it in 24 hours because it will most likely backfire. Take a gradual process and try reducing your sugar intake each day. Cut out the sugar in your

Diane Salter - A New Step-by-Step Tutorial for 2015 including the use of Gelli painted papers! And then I cut up the blocked-out segments of the cat and numbered them--making it much easier to cut out the same pieces with my paper--