walk-in pantry

Spacious Walk-In Pantry

Reach-In Cupboard Reach-in kitchen cupboards are a good alternative when there's not space for a walk-in pantry. This one is efficient in its combination of shallow shelves, door racks, pullout drawers, and counter storage. Double doors offer easy access, integrate the pantry into surrounding cabinetry, and protect and conceal contents.

walk in pantry

walk in pantry with an outlet and countertop. LOVE IT! I can leave small appliances readily available so they are not suffocating my countertops! I want!!!

walk in pantry

Store Stuff on the Doors

Walk-in pantry

Great pantry.

Walk-In Pantry Behind Appliance Wall.

organized pantry

small end cabinet for storage...tacked onto pantry to left of oven...

Gorgeous large pantry to store away kitchen stuff

Be still my heart...a dish room! Unbelievable! Take the tour...

Small Butlers Pantry, in my dreams

Pantry surrounding fridge...genius!!

walk in pantry

Dream Kitchen Storage

While a deep pantry can hold more,

Walk-In Pantries

Love this idea for a pantry