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Point of view? Hell, it's the TeaBaggiest wing of a political party.

Free speech, not political correctness!

I support free speech.not political correctness.so yes, the truth will set you free but before it does.it may make you made and defensive. Is that loud clunk I hear the sound of your mind closing?free speech and I am talking it!



Banker for the New World Order ~ mjg - This stuff is quite fascinating, although scary as well! I assume...if it is not beyond the scope of imagination, then it is not beyond the scope of implementation! If that means I am a whack job? well... I already knew that. ;) I bet no one could conceive of the notion of Hitler's Nazi Germany either? hmm - things to ponder?

Geekation_Rothschild rothschilds-bilderburgs-roman catholics-royal families all the same underneath the nwo --controlling them

amen to that 1%

Why is it easier to believe that 150 milions americans are being lazy rather than 400 americans are being greedy

Why I rarely read them!

If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing ~ Malcolm X


Warning: Your Government is imploding before your eyes. Stay calm and make your way to the nearest “Conspiracy Theorist” for further direction. Ah heck, does this mean Glenn Beck was right.

America- land of guns and mass shootings.

Hand Gun Control: God Bless America “Stop handguns before they stop you.

Amen, Jimmy Carter. Using religion as an excuse to abuse and subjugate anyone is immoral and has been going on for too long. The war on women (using rape as a war tactic; holding back women from their full potential by using violence and the law; etc) must end before War as a concept can end.     No More War peace campaign stop war logic change attitudes

This quote by President Jimmy Carter sums up the horror of the witch hunts and the *need* for women to assert the truth--that of those executed for witchcraft have always been women (by male religious leaders).