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I know I don't usually Pin things like this on this Board, but I love stories like these for their ability to make us think.

"Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing." --Janet F Faure

Kitty: Would you like to play a game? Me: Sure what is it called? Kitty: It's called I'm cute scratch my belly.

OMG he just look like one of my cat who is no longer with us............I'm in love don't have to be blood to be family or care about someone...awe, too cute♥

Its like my baby lacey mom birthday please just like this! How many years have i begged geez

"It is for her own good that a cat purrs." --Irish Proverb

(KO) A little grey kitten, sweet, soft, eyes full of love. Needs some cuddles. Maybe a bowl of warm milk and some tuna. Next a lap, soft and warm, to curl up in. This is where love and trust begin.